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This website was created to provide a diverse selection of metaphysical subjects and services. Our intent is to provide an insightful, helpful and entertaining website destination for all. We did this with three unique small stores that encompass metaphysical consultations, books and gift/art items.

Our outlook is that life is indeed a mystical voyage of exploration, curiosity and discovery through a gateway of an open mind. The pathway of knowledge is a fascinating one and we hope that your journey through our website will enhance your life and personal growth in a positive way.

MAIN OFFICE: El Cajon, California (San Diego Metro Area)

WEBSITE LAUNCH: September 21st 2001

OWNER: Steven Clair




ASTRO INFO: 5/6/60, Taurus Rising, Taurus Sun and Virgo Moon

BACKGROUND/EDUCATION: Raised in a religiously conservative home but being naturally curious, he always wondered about the Gods and religions of other people. So as a teenager he embarked on a journey which lead him to investigate many other belief systems different than his own. He found that all belief systems were basically the same. He studied each systems' philosophy and texts. When it came time to go to college, he had already lived abroad for a few years in Germany so he decided on a degree in German. During this time he also decided to get a degree in Philosophy as he thought it would help him understand other people and their cultures better.

His background and studies led him down a variety of pathways in his life so far. It was as a late teenager that he became interested in Metaphysics. His grandmother, on his mother's side, had fascinated him with her talk about Occult and Metaphysical matters even as a small child. Growing up he had been told by many people he encountered that he was a natural healer. So over the past 30 years he has studied many different Metaphysical subjects. Everything from Astrology, Tarot, Runes, Magic, Kabbalah, Herbs, Essential Oils, Reiki (Steven is a Reiki Master) to Stones and Crystals. Steven is also an ordained and licensed minister and has his Doctorate in Divinity. His favorite discipline in Metaphyscial studies is Astrology since Astrology has so many different areas it can be used for. It almost seems endless as one never stops learning. Steven's specialties include Personality Astrology (with a special emphasis on helping Children and Young People), Spiritual Astrology (Personal Life Path for this lifetime), Medical Astrology (Helping people understand their Bodies and where to get the proper help or care) and Horary Astrology (A chart specifically created to answer a specific question. A great tool in finding lost objects or things).

APPROACH/TAKE ON ASTROLOGY: Steven's view and approach to Astrology is one which asks the following: What is our own or individual connection to the Cosmos, God or Spirit? How can we more appropriately operate in our current world of existence to grow and further our understanding of both ourselves and that which is beyond ourselves, which encompasses our fellow man and the universe itself?

Steven feels that it is extremely important to understand and become aware of who we are, what we are and why we are here in the first place. Astrology provides us with these answers in the form of our Natal or Birth Chart which is our blueprint and road map for our life here on the Earth. Understanding our Natal or Birth Chart helps us to understand the reason for the events that take place in our lives, be they "perceived by us" in terms of either good or bad since it is neither but lessons to help us make our way through life and learn what we came here to learn.

Steven feels that the earlier we come to, understand and integrate this information into our personal lives the better equipped we will be to understand and live our lives in the way in which we were meant to be live them. That is why Steven feels so very strongly about having a child's' charts done at an early age. This can give invaluable insight into the child's personality, focus and life potential as well as identifying any pitfalls. There is nothing more valuable that a parent or guardian could do for their child than to have his or her Natal or Birth Chart done at an early age.

Finally Steven feels that his primary focus and duty in his private consultations with clients is to Illuminate the Past, Discuss the Present and Provide Direction for the Future.




ASTRO INFO: 8/3/50, Virgo Rising, Leo Sun and Aries Moon

BACKGROUND/EDUCATION: Daughter of the late Irish actor George Brent I was born and raised as a child in southern California. I spent my teenage years living and being educated in Europe in both Switzerland and Ireland. My metaphysical studies and education include Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Numerology, Past Lives Meditation and Clairvoyance.

HOW IT BEGAN: One could say I began my journey into the world of Numerology and Astrology at the moment of my birth. My Irish father's sister gifted my parents with a numerology and astrology reading from the famed celebrity Astro-Numerologist Helena Davis of Beverly Hills. As fate would have it, I was to meet her on my 30th birthday unexpectedly a gift from a friend. Amazing as life often is, I was to discover she was indeed the same Helena Davis I had heard so much of as a child. Our meeting proved to be a turning point in my life. Helena's enthusiastic encouragement helped me to develop my own skills. This set the course for my work as a metaphysical consultant and ultimately towards the creation of my website MysticVoyager.com.

I continue to do my metaphysical consulting work begun many years ago however in 2004 I sold Mystic Voyager to my dear friend the Astrologer Steven Clair.


MYSTIC VOYAGER.COM/THEME: A website for people that know there is more to life than meets the eye.


Please note that any and all information collected by Mystic Voyager from either clients, students or visitors will not be shared or sold to any other individual without the exclusive consent of the individual.




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